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A Christian fails to convert a Buddhist
A male Christian into a female Buddhist's office:
male Christian: "Hello."
female Buddhist: "Hello there."
male Christian: "I have good news."
female Buddhist: "What is the good news, did you win the lottery?"
male Christian: "I have been saved in the Lord Jesus Christ."
female Buddhist: "What has Jesus taught you?"
male Christian: "I believe in Jesus and because of Him, I have found peace."
female Buddhist: "Well I'm a Buddhist and I am at peace."
female Buddhist: "How do you know this?"
male Christian: "Well someone told me that I would burn in Heck if I did not believe unto the Lord Jesus."
female Buddhist: "Did you believe before hand?"
male Christian: "No because I was living in ignorance."
female Buddhist: "It is foolish to believe in one way because there are other people who have miracles that happen in their respective religions. And it is racist to exclude other people, besides it makes God look bad if only a select few are chosen."
male Christian: "When you put it like that,
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The Way of the Tao
The way of the Tao
brings meaning to
the term of balance.
It shows us how to
bring balance to our
own lives.
The Tao is an eternal
entity guaranteed to
bring happiness and
peace to our lives.
The Tao brings the
winds of change. May
the Tao bring compassion
to everyone on Earth.
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My Pokemon type!
Two reasons why my Pokemon type is Bug-Grass:
1. Up next is the bug type !
These guys and gals are known to be on the shy side but are quick on there feet but enjoy a book every now and then.
They are know to exhibit these traits
- sweet and very kind
- gentle to others
- friendly
2.  Next up is the grass type
These guys and gals have a thing for mother nature. With deep ties with others they only support growth between bonds.
They are known to exhibit these traits
-Very well networked
- peaceful
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New Hope of Kalos
The Kalos Region brings new ideas to the Pokemon World.
New region,
new hope,
new Pokemon to guide their trainers.
Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin,
are here to stay.
Everyone knows how Kalos brings new hope
to trainers everywhere. We all make mistakes
but remember that Kalos brings new hope forever.
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Cute Little Jolteon.
Jolteon is such a little cutie.
She gives a little shock when
greeting her friends.
Jolteon just loves every Pokemon.
Sometimes she will go to her
mirror and admire herself. This way
she will look nice for her friends.
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According to this one website and my Promethease report, I am meant for a low fat diet and high intensity exercise.


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I'm a nice guy.


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